We don’t work like “This is what I’m looking for. Make it happen.”

Neither from the perspective of figuring out what “This” means – nor from the perspective of doing the Gantt chart project management treadmill.

We focus on bringing you the expertise to go the long but rewarding way yourself. Don’t worry: We’ll guide you as closely as necessary and as loosely as possibly.

We are glad to discuss what it means in your particular situation? Drop us a note!

If you have set out to make a great product from an idea, a shiny device from scribbels or a fantastic piece of software from a diffuse set of wishes, a long way lies ahead.

Once you have identified the customer’s problem, you will experience contradictory statements from stakeholders, conflicts as to a how the solution exactly needs to be, a multitude of opinions how to write everything down, tons of relevant decisions worthwhile remembering – and lots more.

If you want to boost your expertise and prepare yourself for all these pitfalls ahead – you are a Producteer! Welcome on board and get into contact!

We will be glad to assist you in any way that makes a product idea real.

However, we are not turn-key solution providers for product ideas but we understand ourselves as facilitators for the hard work between idea and market entry.

We provide you with our know how in the complete productisation chain − from initial idea to deployment.

Want to become a Producteer yourself? Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

There are several creativity techniques which have the potential of getting high quality results.

That being said, these are not Producteers’ core business.

  • We’d rather talk to you about the circumstances that lead to the use of one technique over the other.
  • We’d rather focus on why you will experience inconclusive results when selecting a technique.
  • And we’d rather like to carve out why for certain customer wishes hardly any creative technique will work – but how you can reveal those nevertheless.

And on top of that – we will provide you with a plan of what’s ahead and how to tackle it.

Want to go on the Producteer’s trip together with us? Come with us!

We strongly believe that the core disciplines and competencies of a responsible product owner (within an Agile setting) do not differ too much from those of a responsible product manager (of non-Agile environments).

In any case, we know both worlds very well and will tailor our expertise to the specific situation and methodology you need most.

Not convinced? Never mind. We do like nasty questions about this right over here.

Example 1: You have been writing down concepts for product features for some time but what you write is often not read and if it’s read it’s not followed.

Your question is: How can I write down details about product features in a way that actually generates value for readers?

Example 2: You have to get a piece of development done externally (outsourced) on a basis of a contract for work and services (Werkvertrag) and suddenly you can’t just walk into the next office and chat about the solution with the dev team – because it’s a few thousand miles and nine timezones away.

Your question is: How do I get what I want without conflicts, misunderstandings and hard feelings? With a one-time injection of my wishes up-front?

Example 3: You have identified that you are experiencing conflicts about feature decisions on a daily basis. No matter which features. Something is fuelling constant irritations. You want to be able to solve these situations once and for all.

Your question is: What do I need to know and do in order not to feel like a candle in the wind?

Example 4: You are working on a complex product with tons of people telling you what to do and how to do it. You don’t have enough time to listen to all of them all of the time – let alone to evaluate all of what they are saying.

Your question is: How can I manage my stakeholders intelligently and politely?

Example 5: You are about to explore the users of your product and they can’t really tell you what they want – and even less, what they need.

Your question is: How do I get to valid user input quickly?

Recognised yourself? Become a Producteer and get into contact!

The content of the two most established Product Owner certificatation programs are:

  • The Scrum Alliance CSPO certificate focuses on the role of a Product Owner in a Scrum Team, on maintaining the backlog, on managing stakeholders, ROI and on creating effective user stories.
  • The Scrum.org PSPO certificate focuses on Agile Product Management, Value-Driven Development, the Scrum Principles, Empiricism and Framework, Backlog and Release Management.

Please take your time and compare this to the Producteers’ curriculum. While all contents of the Scrum Alliance and Scrum.org programs are highly valuable there are areas of expertise which are not covered and which we deem highly important:

  • Techniques for exploring customer wishes;
  • How to identify and address conflicts in product development;
  • Documentation beyond writing user stories and epics;
  • Practical advice on finding solutions together;
  • Generally applicable hacks for the Product Owner’s life.

We strongly recommend Product Owners to invest in learning about the role in an Agile setting and take the CSPO or PSPO certification.

For those who want to go beyond the basic role and develop their practical Product Craftsmanship skills we offer our Producteer Know-How Packages. Please get into contact to discuss.

Typically we would like to know what made you write that initial email or place that initial call.

Depending on your answer we would probably suggest that we meet and explore details on your current situation regarding product development.

Results of these talks can be the decision to make further evaluations of the situation, or the decision to have an on-site workshop or training for particular disciplines, or the agreement to launch a coaching program – or the insight that whatever you are craving for is nothing we have in our portfolio. In that case we will gladly refer you to a specialist in your specific situation.

Now what about placing hat initial email?

Is there a question you're missing?

Feel free to add further questions to this list. Simply tell us what else would be interesting for you and we’ll come back to you!