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The Product Management Craftsman pt. 2

9.01.2017 - 10.01.2017

1580 EUR + VAT

This training will provide you with three major aspects of good craftsmanship in Product Management and Product Ownership and contains the following know how packages:

There are conflicts regarding decisions in any product or service development. This is not bad per se. First of all it simply shows that contributors and stakeholders care. However it’s important to identify conflicts early and to address them appropriately so that efforts go into productive work rather than into fueling the conflict. We will find out together which types of conflicts there are and how they can be categorized. We will talk about methods for conflict resolution, to which types of conflicts they can be applied – and to which they cannot.

Everyone is struggling for a product or service feature’s best possible solution. More often than not, the supposedly best possible solution turns out to be too expensive; or the right people to implement it are missing; or the available technology simply doesn’t allow for it. In order to come to these balanced solutions a deep and shared understanding of the underlying domain problem is needed. We are going to provide techniques enabling you to get to sustainable technical solutions for customer problems with your team.

Certain behavioral patterns have proven to be helpful, time-saving, consensus inducing and effective in the development of new products and services. This know-how package introduces the most essential ones and will discuss when and where they can be applied best.

You will find a more extensive description of the modules over here.

Every know how module is accompanied thoroughly by interactive exercises allowing participants to test what they have learnt.


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1580 EUR + VAT
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