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The Product Management Craftsman pt. 1

16.02.2017 - 17.02.2017

1580 EUR + VAT

This training will provide you with four major aspects of good craftsmanship in Product Management and Product Ownership and contains the following know how packages:

Exploring customer wishes properly is an art that avoids disappointments on all sides and takes care that expensive resources are put to work in the right direction. However, the hard part is that not all exploration techniques are valid for all situations. In this session you will learn the most valuable exploration techniques and when to apply them in order to get to rock-solid and valid assumptions.

If the scope of a product or service development hasn’t been clearly defined you can’t say if you are working into the right direction. This immediately results in needlessly spent time and unnecessarily high efforts. Customers, team and other stakeholders who have differing opinions of the scope of a future product will not just magically move towards a common goal. They will divert. We will explore methods to initially set the focus of an undertaking, to keep it updated under changing plans and to be able to reach a set objective.

Treating all those fairly who step up to influence a product or service development saves lots of trouble and provides a constructive workflow. In order to achieve this it’s necessary to get an overview about the existing – implicit, explicit and covert – exertions of influence taking place, about spheres of interest harboring potential for conflict and how these aspects interrelate. In this part we’ll talk about criteria useful to categorize stakeholders, about how to put them to use for the product or service development, how to set up communication with them, how to reach agreements with them – or how to keep them out of the loop respectfully.

There’s always a point of time when certain product features need to be written down – either in order to purchase them from external sources, for the (internal) development team or as product description (e.g., for warranty reasons) for potential customers. Inadequate documentation can lead to efforts being invested into product features not doing what they are supposed to do or to incorrect perceptions about the product. Both leads inevitably to expectations not met and disappointment. We will look into mastering advanced techniques of writing product descriptions and specifications.

You will find a more extensive description of the modules over here.

Every know how module is accompanied thoroughly by interactive exercises allowing participants to test what they have learnt.


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1580 EUR + VAT
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